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How To Reach Level 30 Fast in League of Legends?

Reaching level 30 is a big milestone for any new League of Legends player. This unlocks ranked mode, draft pick, and all gameplay options. With over 140 champs and tons of items, runes, and strategies to learn, hitting level 30 takes a decent amount of time and effort.

While there’s no instant shortcut to level 30, there are efficient ways to power-level your account as a beginner. Follow this guide to reach level 30 fast in League of Legends.

Play Co-op vs. AI to Learn the Basics

When just starting out in League, playing against real opponents can be frustrating as you learn the ropes. Instead, begin by playing Co-op vs. AI matches. These allow you to practice mechanics, characters, and objectives in a less stressful environment.

Co-op vs. AI is good for:

  • Learning abilities, combos, and damage output for new champions.
  • Practicing last-hitting minions without harassment.
  • Trying out item builds and experimenting.
  • Understanding team compositions and champion roles.
  • Learning the pace of matches and objectives.

Spend your first 25-50 matches playing Co-op vs. AI exclusively. Focus on finding 1-3 champions you enjoy and slowy improving your fundamentals.

Once you have basics like farming, map awareness, and teamfighting down, you can transition to normal PvP matches.

Find 2-3 Simple Champions for Your Main Roles

League of Legends has over 140 champions, but you only need to learn a handful as a new player. Choose 2-3 easy, strong meta picks for your preferred roles. This allows you to deeply learn matchups, power spikes, builds, and playstyles.

Good beginner champs for each role include:

Top: Garen, Malphite, Nasus Jungle: Master Yi, Warwick, Xin Zhao Mid: Annie, Lux, Orianna ADC: Ashe, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune Support: Soraka, Sona, Leona

One tricking a single champ can help you climb ranked faster, but have 2-3 options in case your pick is banned or a bad fit. Focus on improving champion mastery over your first 100 normal matches.

Master CSing and Consistent Gold Income

Getting gold quickly is crucial to hitting level 30 fast. The best way for beginners to earn gold is by mastering last-hitting minions. Known as “CSing”, this takes practice but is essential to learn.

Aim for 6 CS (creep score) per minute in lane. This alone will give you enough income to buy core items and snowball. If you’re struggling, try a farming-focused champ like Nasus. Utilize the practice tool to drill CSing.

When laning ends, switch to farming jungle camps between objectives and fights. Take free waves in side lanes when your teammates aren’t around. Focus on maximizing your gold and XP gains in all stages of the game.

Upgrade Your Trinket and Purchase Control Wards

Warding is powerful yet underutilized in low elo games. Take the Sweeping Lens trinket at level 9 for better vision control. Constantly buy Control Wards – they pay for themselves by getting kills and objectives.

Ward objectives like Baron/dragon 1-2 minutes before they spawn. Clear enemy vision when preparing to take objectives. Ward enemy jungle camps to track their jungler. Vision wins games by enabling picks, safer farming, and objective control.

Follow a Game Plan Based on Win Conditions

Don’t just randomly fight people and chase kills. Identify win conditions each match based on team comps and focus on objectives. For example:

Split pushers: Pressure side lanes to draw attention. Avoid 5v5 fights.

Poke comps: Siege towers safely using long range abilities. Disengage all-ins.

Pick comps: Ward up and catch enemies rotating between lanes.

Teamfight comps: Group and force 5v5 fights when ults are up.

Identify your win conditions in champ select and adapt item builds/playstyle accordingly. This focused approach will lead to more wins.

Limit Champion Pool, Don’t Rage Queue, and Take Breaks

It’s better to master a few champions than be mediocre on many. Dodge lobbies if you get off-role and keep your pool small. Never rage or tilt queue after losses – this leads to poor play and more losses.

Also, take short 5-10 minute breaks after tough games to reset mental. Use this time to analyze your last match and see where you can improve. Come back with a fresh mindset ready to focus up.

Getting to level 30 requires hundreds of quality games. Don’t autopilot – stay engaged, focused, and thinking critically. Don’t be afraid to mute toxic teammates the moment they flame.

Play with Friends for More XP

By queuing with 1-4 friends, you gain bonus XP after each match. Having even one trusted duo partner stops teammates from rage quitting and gives better communication.

If playing solo, add friendly, team-oriented players after your matches. Build your League friends list to always have allies ready to party up. Playing with others makes grinding level 30 far more enjoyable.

Join the Player Support Program

Riot’s Player Support Program rewards positive players with occasional gifts like XP boosts. To join, honor teammates regularly, avoid toxicity, and don’t AFK or rage quit matches.

With a high honor level, you’ll be awarded free XP boosts over time. Consistently honorable play is recognized and helps you reach level 30 faster long-term.

Purchase XP and IP Boosts

For fast progression, buying XP and IP boosts in the shop will accelerate leveling significantly. XP boosts give faster summoner level gains for their duration. IP boosts provide more blue essence to unlock champions.

Even just a 3-win and 1-day boost speeds up leveling if you plan on playing many hours in a short timeframe. XP boosts also sometimes go on sale for better value.

Play ARAMs During Long Queue Times

When queue times exceed 2-3 minutes as a new player, hop into an ARAM match instead. ARAMs are faster, grant decent XP, and help you learn new champions.

Use ARAMs to practice teamfighting and dodging skillshots. Then re-queue for a normal when your ARAM finishes. This minimizes time spent waiting around.

Review Games to Learn Faster

Download apps like or install Mobalytics to automatically record your matches. Rewatch 1-2 recent games every couple of days and take notes on mistakes.

Focus on your deaths, missed CS, poor vision, getting caught, etc. Consistently reviewing games accelerates the learning process so you level up faster.

Watch High Elo Streamers & Gameplay

When not playing, watch educational League streams and game highlights on YouTube. Seeing how top players approach matchups, ward, teamfight, and pressure the map gives invaluable learning.

Some great channels to follow include ProGuides, SkillCapped, Virkayu, xFSN Saber, and DongHuap. Compare their decision making to your own and implement what you learn in-game.

Take Advantage of Double XP Events

Riot occasionally hosts double XP events for a limited time. They announce these in the League client, so pay attention and capitalize! Try to play as many PvP games as possible during these events to maximize leveling speed.

Unfortunately, double XP is not very common – usually occurring just a couple times per year around new set releases. But taking full advantage when they happen will boost your progress to 30.

Stay Focused and Don’t Burn Out

The journey to 30 requires hundreds of quality games – pace yourself to avoid burnout. Make steady progress each week while taking breaks to avoid frustration and fatigue.

Stay focused in games by muting toxic players instantly and reporting them after. Keep a positive mindset through losses and aim to constantly improve.

Reaching level 30 opens up ranked, draft mode, and all gameplay options. Follow these tips and you’ll hit 30 faster, learn more in the process, and be better prepared for ranked. See you on Summoner’s Rift!