Reorganizational Healing is an approach to developing new personalized strategies to evolve health and life to more effective, vital, conscious levels. It considers intrinsic factors enhancing one's energetic resources along with one's most effective nature and style of change. With ROH, life challenges, symptoms, and diseases become opportunities to go beyond one's familiar baseline of living to claim a bolder more vital and resourceful state of health, wellness, productivity and life.

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Intro toBioethics Informed Choice and Consent Document

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Informed Consent Discussion Jim Turner & Donny Epstein

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Wave Press Release

The ARHP is a visionary community of professionals that represents a revolutionary and evolutionary approach to healthcare and personal development. 

We represent the rights of individuals and humanity as a whole to have the choice to restore or reorganize with new energy resources to a higher order level.

 We are all about EMPOWERING HUMAN RESOURCEFULNESS for greater health and life expression.

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